Press Release: New coalition to advocate for transportation solutions

Texans for Traffic Relief to seek input from community leaders and commuters

AUSTIN, Texas — Texans for Traffic Relief today announced the formation of a coalition committed to advocating for solutions that mitigate the growing transportation challenge facing Texas.

“In light of the recent Unified Transportation Program discussions at TxDOT, it’s important to have a dialogue about how we are going to fund transportation infrastructure moving forward,” Texans for Traffic Relief spokesman David White said. “There are not enough voices around the table, and our purpose as an organization will be to find out what Texans want and give them a voice.”

Texas is the top destination to live, work, and raise a family. Our economy and population are booming—and so is our traffic. While the Texas Legislature has made historic investments to improve transportation over the last several years, there simply are not enough state resources to keep up with our growing population and increasing traffic.

"We look forward to partnering with Texans for Traffic Relief to engage more and more people to look for funding solutions to I-35,” said Ellen Wood, CEO of vcfo and 2017 Chair of the Board, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Texans for Traffic Relief is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges facing Texas’ strained transportation system and advocating for common sense solutions that will alleviate congestion, improve infrastructure, and protect the interests of taxpayers. 

“Texans have reached a breaking point with traffic,” White said. “We must allow for innovative transportation solutions that help manage traffic congestion if Texas is to remain an economic powerhouse and continue to lead the country in job growth. It’s time to get Texas moving.”

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