Toll Payer Protection Act Filed by Member of House Transportation Committee

By Irving Weekly Staff

Irving, Texas. February 19, 2019 

Today, State Representative and House Transportation Committee member Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth) filed HB 1951, the Toll Payer Protection Act (TPPA).

Texans for Traffic Relief (TTR) spent the last eighteen months talking with people across the state who both support and oppose toll roads. Regardless of where these Texans were on toll roads, there were a number of issues that we continually encountered: desire for local participation, resistance to raising taxes to fund new roads, toll billing reform, and an end to perpetual tolling. TTR listened, and the feedback and ideas from those conversations formed the basis of the Toll Payer Protection Act.

"Texas is booming and we need smart reforms that will allow us to continue the unbelievable growth that we've seen over the last few decades but also puts Texans in the driver's seat," said David White, TTR spokesman. "Toll roads are never going away unless we are going to raise taxes, which no one wants to do. In order to keep the Texas economy the envy of the nation, we must have toll policies that are commonsense, transparent, and accountable to the taxpayers."
Rep. Matt Krause's HB 1951 contains four key provisions that are designed to empower people, protect their interests as taxpayers, and provide traffic relief as quickly as possible:

  • Voter approval of all new toll projects

  • Major uniform toll bill reform

  • Setting a timeline for taking the tolls off when a road is paid for

  • Partnering with the private sector for funding where it makes sense to complete a project that otherwise is too costly without raising taxes

"The truth is that the people are rightfully tired of business as usual when it comes to tolling in Texas," said Rep. Matt Krause. "Whether its not feeling like they have a voice in the process, notorious problems with toll billing, or no light at the end of the tunnel once a toll goes up, the status quo can no longer be maintained. And it shouldn't be. It's time for change."

If passed, Rep. Krause's legislation would transform tolling in Texas and set a model for other states to follow.


"Texas Young Republicans Support the Toll Payer Protection Act. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This affects all Texans and all Texans should stand together to stop abusive toll policies." - Jason Vaughn, Policy Director, Texas Young Republican Federation

"As young Republicans, we are excited to support a plan that has so much potential for the future of Texas. The Toll Payer Protection Act will ensure that the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs have a transportation system that works for them and leaves more money in their hands." - Jankowski, State Chairman, Texas Federation of College Republicans.

"The basis of the TPPA is a commitment to improving taxpayer protections and potentially improving transportation infrastructure by increasing local participation and project buy-in without raising taxes. YCT emphatically encourages legislators to support the TPPA in the next legislative session and put these reforms into law." - Saurabh Sharma, State Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas