Study: Austin drivers will spend almost 9 days in traffic in 2019

By Tulsi Kamath

AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you feel like Austin is among the worst cities in the country for traffic, you're actually wrong. It's not even the worst city in Texas for commuters. 

A new study shows Austin drivers will spend about 8.9 days in traffic in 2019 which is above the national average at 7.4 days but it doesn't crack the top 10 worst cities for traffic list.

The average one-way commute for an Austin-area driver is 26.4 minutes while a round-trip is 52.8 minutes, according to the Educated Driver study

Unsurprisingly, Austin falls behind Houston on traffic woes as well. Houston-area residents will spend an estimated 9.95 days stuck in traffic with an average round-trip commute lasting 59 minutes. 

The study used data from the US Census Bureau to look at the commute times of almost 1,000 U.S. cities.