Stand up for Rural Roads in Texas!


The Plan

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is refining its Unified Transportation Program (UTP) which will serve as a state guide for the next ten-years of new road construction and infrastructure projects. In order to give Texans a chance to voice their priorities about future projects, TxDOT has opened up a public comment period, but only through August 20. It’s time for you to weigh in!

Rural Texans Deserve Their Share of State Funding

It’s time to voice your opinion about how torn up rural roads have become and demand the state help pay for needed repairs and new capacity where its needed! 

Heavy trucks traveling in and out of oil and gas boom areas are destroying rural roads, and while the state is responsible for these roads, they are not dedicating the sufficient funds needed to maintain them. In order to create real change, we need you to voice your opinion about the poor condition of our rural roads and why it’s past time for the state to help pay for needed maintenance and improvements.

You only have until August 20 to voice your opinion about rural roads!

Suggested Comments

Take a moment to submit your own comment, or select one of the prewritten ones below:

  • Texas sees millions of dollars in revenue from the booming oil and gas industry,  but the state is not helping to maintain the roads that support this industry. The state must ensure residents can drive safely by helping to maintain and repair local roads.
  •  If the state allows rural roads to continue to deteriorate, the economic boom born from the oil and gas industry will be at risk. We need funding to properly maintain these roads and protect one of Texas’ crowning industries.
  • Many rural families are having to pay higher property taxes in order to keep rural roads partially maintained. It’s time for the state to step up and pay for roads that support the industries that benefit us all!
  • Farm to market roads were not built for the type of truck traffic that they have now. This creates an endless cycle of potholes, cracked asphalt, and splintering shoulders residents must navigate on a daily basis. These are state owned roads, and TXDOT needs to keep them repaired and safe for drivers.