The Solution


Texas has proven time and again that we’re up to any challenge. It is possible to solve our congestion crisis, and the framework below outlines how Texans for Traffic Relief believes we can get it done.

+ We Support

  • Utilizing all existing, available state resources to fund roadway projects
  • Allocating more state dollars to transportation funding as constructing and maintaining roadways is a core function of state government
  • Prioritizing the construction of major projects to help relieve traffic on our most congested roadways first
  • Encouraging private investment to build more roads
  • Ensuring clear safeguards are in place to protect the state and taxpayers in the event a project is unsuccessful (taxpayers should never be on the hook to “bail out” private businesses)
  • Maintaining state and local ownership of all roads
  • Empowering local control so that communities can decide how to spend local money on the transportation projects that work best for their area
  • Increasing the transparency, fairness, and accuracy of the billing process for toll roads

+ We Oppose

  • Raising taxes
  • New taxes
  • Tolling existing roadways
  • Doing nothing/status quo

So, What's Next?

TTR has had countless conversations with real Texans on tolling and the changes they want to see. Based on our guiding principles above, the perspective of Texas voters and commuters, and the infrastructure needs of our state, we are proud to introduce our plan for change: The Toll Payer Protection Act.


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