Send a Letter in Support of the Toll Payer Protection Act


If we’re going to keep Texas moving and solve this crisis, we must create a new path forward for tolling that is clear, transparent, and has diligent oversight and accountability measures designed to protect the interests of taxpayers, commuters, and toll-users. 

The Toll Payer Protection Act, is a plan to solve the Texas congestion crisis without raising taxes. It also includes diligent oversight and accountability measures to protect taxpayers, commuters, and toll-users like you!

Fill out this form to find your local elected officials, and tell them you support the Toll Payer Protection Act!

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Dear [Legislator Title] [Legislator Name], 

I am a constituent writing to express strong support HB 1951--the Toll Payer Protection Act. I drive Texas roads every day and the traffic is awful and inescapable, especially during my commute. Hours that could be spent with my friends and family are instead spent sitting in traffic.

As more and more people move to Texas, the problem is only getting worse. Texans deserve to decide what is best for their local communities and the Toll Payer Protection Act is that path forward, calling for no new construction of toll roads until we:

1) Give Texans an opportunity to vote on whether or not a new toll road is built in their community;

2) Ensure the billing and collection of all toll bills, regardless of the entity responsible, is clear and transparent, and we cap exorbitant administrative fees;

3) Set a timeline for the tolls to come off the road upfront after the project costs are paid back;

4) Allow for the state to partner with the private sector when its in the best interests of tax payers to build major road projects that are currently unfunded.

In Texas, we value our freedom and personal choice. Let’s put in place a plan to reduce traffic, empower Texans to make their own choices about transportation, and look out for the taxpayers’ best interest.

Thank you for your time and as your constituent, I urge you to support HB 1951--the Toll Payer Protection Act


[Your Name]