It's time to Fix I-35! 

The Plan

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is refining its Unified Transportation Program (UTP) which will serve as a state guide for the next ten-years of new road construction and infrastructure projects. In order to give Texans a chance to voice their priorities about future projects, TxDOT has opened up a public comment period, but only through August 20. It’s time for you to weigh in!


Demand Change on I-35

It’s time to voice your opinion about how bad Texas traffic is and demand relief on I-35!

Congestion on state highways, particularly on I-35, has gotten out of hand. Politics is getting in the way of moving forward with the I-35 expansion project and every day we fail to act is another day our state falls behind. In order to create real change and let our politicians know you want action, we need you to voice your opinion about how bad traffic has gotten in Central Texas and specifically on I-35.

You only have until August 20 to voice your opinion about traffic relief!

Suggested Comments

Take a moment to submit your own comment, or select one of the prewritten ones below:

  • Central Texas has experienced a huge population boom that has led to major overcrowding on I-35. It’s time for a dedicated plan that gives drivers on I-35 traffic relief.
  • The portion of I-35 between SH 71 and US 290 is one of the most congested roads in the state. If we can add new managed lanes and maintain free lanes to this road without raising taxes, it would be a win-win situation for all who travel on this thoroughfare and Texas taxpayers.
  • The I-35 expansion project would provide relief to hundreds of thousands of commuters by reducing traffic congestion, improving safety, and giving commuters a choice when it comes to using managed lanes.
  • Texas is an economic powerhouse. However, with traffic levels continuing to rise, Central Texas commuters are faced with impending gridlock and our economy is at risk if drastic changes aren’t made.